Printing labels anywhere

With proper label software it’s possible to identify your products and create traceability in both your internal logistic process and the rest of the supply chain. This creates more insight into your goods flow but also ensures you meet your client’s wishes, quality requirements and labelling regulations. How do you easily print the appropriate labels from your existing business systems? Our One2Label Automation labeling software offers the ideal solution.

Printing labels easily

Business systems often hardly support label printers or don’t support them at all. You’re required to either encode the labels in a printer command language or use a specific font to display the barcode. These approaches have limited functionality and are both complicated and expensive to maintain. Our One2Label Automation software is efficient and sustainable and will help you for years to come.

User-friendly software

With One2Label Automation it’s possible to instantly print labels from your Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP-system, whether this is at goods receipt or during production, packaging or dispatch. This makes it possible to print labels with 100% reliable information without modifying your current software applications and hardware devices. Our One2Label labeling software is thus a user-friendly solution for printing all your labels.

Automatically print barcode labels

One2Label Automation is very robust and can seamlessly intertwine with your current logistic process. It’s possible to print labels automatically and unattended. Upon creating a label, the product’s variable information is extracted from an Excel-file, ERP, MES or WMS and is instantly printed on the label. This may include information such as the product code, gross weight or net weight, best before date, serial number, and batch or lot number.

Predefined templates and labels

Our One2Label Automation labeling solution offers predefined templates and label layouts that comply to laws and regulations. Examples of labels that can be created with One2Label Automation are:

  • GS1 SSCC pallet labels
  • GS1 Box labels for food
  • GHS Labels
  • GS1 Data Matrix labels for Healthcare

Integrated labeling

With One2Label Automation you integrate label printing with your core business systems in order to create an efficient label production process. By integrating with your existing data, in e.g. your SAP-, Oracle-, Microsoft- or other ERP- or WMS-systems, you always have real-time and correct information. Curious to find out more about One2Label Automation? Try our label solution demo.

Why try our One2Label Automation labeling solution?

Unlike other label software providers, One2Label Automation uses neither a printer-based nor a user-based licensing model. This means that there will never be additional costs for connecting extra printers or users. Starting at € 595 p/year, you can reap the benefits from One2Label Automation:

  • Print labels automatically;
  • Seamlessly integrate One2Label Automation with your existing IT-systems;
  • Meet your client’s wishes, quality requirements and labelling regulations;
  • Easily identify your products for optimal logistic traceability.

Automatically print barcode labels?

Try our One2Label Automation labeling solution.